Complete Reinforcing

Complete Reinforcing

Just in time job information at the finger tips

Complete Reinforcing cut and bend reinforcing steel, rebar and supply mesh for reinforcing concrete.

They prefabricate reinforcing throughout New Zealand for contracts requiring reinforcing steel such as beams and piles for ground and concrete slab work. And also specialise in placement and installation of our reinforcing.

To provide their clients with an real time view of their jobs, the team at Complete Reinforcing wanted to improve the efficiency in which job information is shared across the company but, most importantly, to their clients and their reps so that just in time delivery data could be more accessed through an app.

In addition the data has to be synchronised to the App via an API to their internal systems.

Fast and efficient data sync, clean and simple UI.

Large volume of data, extracted cleanly and efficiently from backend.

Optimised, managed and synchronised ready for on the fly app access. Mobile Apps built a database and user management system.

Working side by side with a Eurocorp’s management team, understanding the business, right down to the factory floor.

Beautiful practical user interface deigned and user tested by Mobile Apps.

Detailed testing regime, optimised data management via MYOB API.

Complete Reinforcing

Technologies used in this project include:

Complete Reinforcing


  • Strategy and consulting
  • User Interface and Design
  • Database design and build
  • MYOB API (Client data extraction and management)
  • REST API (App to database)
  • App build and testing
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