We provide a range of digital services, thriving on high levels of technical complexity or advanced business processes, reporting and software engineering challenges. Including strategy, design, usability, servers and security, and whether you are selling, marketing, measuring results, analysing data to turn it into meaningful reports and dashboards, building a new app or maintaining a legacy one, we can help.

Apple and Android Apps

Looking for an app, chances are that you need to be across the most popular platforms. Worldwide IOS(Apple) and Android operating systems dominate the world market with 98% share.

If you are looking to target mobile and tablet devices you can't go wrong with the these 2 market leaders.

We have built up great experience in building native apps for these operating systems, optimising the app for for each platform.

All the features that make apps the most popular choice for all audiences, such as photo and video integration, GPS positioning and content delivery, alongside slick user interfaces are why our team are successful.

From planning your app, conceptualising and designing the interface, through to build and processing to the app stores is our stock and trade.

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Digital Strategy

The rules are changing. Our business level and technical digital strategy dives into where value can be best created, asking lots of questions, bringing our years of experience and partnering with you to help bring it to life.

We enjoy strategic and proactive discussions, regular recommendations, report on trends and key metrics and then implementing it all alongside you.

Alongside the vision and dreams you have for your business, we think big, take into account the digital disruptions happening all around us, measure results and execute plans.

Contact us for a coffee and a chat about your app idea.

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MVP’s for startups

Mobile has the powerful potential to reach into your customers world right where they are, right when they need you. We develop native and hybrid mobile applications for Apple and Android devices, and have been involved in a wide range of projects including tax management, banking, close-proximity promotion and wine info scanning apps.

We take your organisations needs and overall business objectives into consideration when creating your mobile app. In some situations a mobile app is not required, we can deliver your requirements through a web application. In other situations a mobile app is the best fit for technology and the audience. We will walk you through the decision making.

We are Apple and Android Developers, with test devices across a wide range of Android and Apple devices, mobile and tablet.

Let's discuss how an app could best serve your business, contact us.

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eCommerce for mobile

Our experience with off-the-shelf (Magento, Shopify) and custom ecommerce platforms, software integration and easy-to-use admin areas means we can create online tools to streamline administration, smooth customers’ path-to-purchase, automate business processes and make it easy to keep your ecommerce website fresh and effective.

We build ecommerce using Magento, Shopify, OpenCart or Symfony (including with Sylius) depending on the situation.

Ecommerce projects are complex, the entire business online and automated as much as possible. We have been through so many ecommerce projects that we know where the complexity hides, and help guide you through the process. Whether it is working with third party integrations, advanced promotions or shipping, payment gateways or email campaigns, we have a wealth of experience.

Please arrange a time to talk with us about your ecommerce web project.

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Web Apps, Websites & SAAS

The digital world unlocks great power to achieve results, we know the complexities of this world well. We love building websites and web applications across desktop to mobile that make your life easier, whether that’s with a fully automated version of a business process or a user-friendly marketing site.

We design interfaces that put people first, websites that are beautiful and usable, taking into account the goals the user of it has. The focus is also on ensuring it meets your organisations objectives and results are measurable. We design and build responsive online websites and applications that look slick across screen sizes and devices. It has been great to be involved in fast-paced marketing campaigns and long-term Software as a Service projects.

We follow an agile approach, often breaking the project into two-week cycles. Thorough testing and documentation occurs alongside you to ensure a result you are thrilled with.

Server Side

We have extensive experience in building and managing servers for our clients, installing and maintaining exactly the right technology set required at affordable ongoing pricing.

A number of our clients use Amazon Web Services or our New Zealand based VPS infrastructure managed by us. Our experience covers auto-scaling servers to respond to campaign load increases and security. Our consultancy and projects have received in some situations many millions of views and we understand the key bottlenecks of projects from a dev ops point of view.

We take security seriously and have been involved in a number of independent security audits and security hardening projects. Security is an ongoing process and we actively monitor and maintain our projects.

Linux and Microsoft servers supported. Please get in touch for pricing of services such as SSL certificate purchase and install, and server management.

Technologies we use include

Apple Developer